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Conflict & Change Order information
  • What do we mean by the term "conflict"? Should conflict be eliminated from the workplace? Conflict is simply a "differing of ideas"; people see things differently. Conflict exists in all aspects of human behaviour and is a natural part of the human condition. Research shows that it is from the sharing of differing viewpoints (conflict) that creativity unfolds. The question is;"How should one view conflict and how should one deal with it?" For the manner in which one responds to and manages its dynamics determines the success of the enterprise.
  • Helps To Understand The Nature Of "Conflict"
  • View Conflict As A Benefit When Managed Correctly
  • Lead The Organization Through Change
Conflict Management Survey (CMS)
Pinpoints ways to turn conflict into creativity.
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Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Is there conflict within organizations? Two or more differing ideas reflect conflict. Modern theorists accept conflicts as not only a behavioral fact of organizational life but recognized its potential as a stimulus to creativity. How one manages conflict determines whether creativity will be achieved. The CMS addresses interpersonal, group, and inter-group conflicts and provides a fivefold conflict management profile. Also an invaluable tool for people to develop constructive outcomes to conflict.

Conflict Management Appraisal (CMA)
Gives co-workers the opportunity to provide information on how conflict is being managed.
conf_change 2Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
The CMA, completed by an associate of the person using the CMS, provides information about how conflict is being managed. This extremely valuable feedback either reinforces a person's behavior or it calls attention to areas where positive change can lead to greater creativity. One cannot manage effectively without it. (Companion to the CMS)
Change Agent Questionnaire (CAQ)
Provides critical data to bring about "lasting change".
conf_change 3 Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
A "Changed Agents" is someone who seeks to influence the thoughts and behaviors of others and works to bring about constructive change. The CAQ, by adapting the work of Herberet Kelman to an easy-to-use grid format, assesses the individual's philosophy of, strategy for, and evaluative approach to change. Learning One's style and approach to the changed process will impact one's effectiveness in bringing about "lasting" change.
Force Field Analysis (For Problem Solving)
Graphics simplify ways to identify, analyze and solve chronic broblems.
conf_change 410-Minute Video [Call for Price]
The classic problem-analysis technique of Kurt Lewing's Force Field Analysis is fully explained and illustrated with various problem-solving strategies. The viewer learns a process (driving and restraining forces) for identifying, analyzing, and solving many of the chronic problems found in today's organizations. Dr. Lewin's technique is a simple yet powerful method for taking control of the present, predicting the future, and brings order to the problem-solving process.
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