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Employee Involvement Order information
  • Leaders, managers and organizations must "involve" their employees. They must both encourage and allow them to contribute meaningfully in work-related activities in order to increase commitment. But, how is it accomplished? Successful employee involvement requires leaders/managers to:Initiate and maintain the process of involvement & provide access to resources that people need in order to contribute. It is only when involvement is practiced effectively that human commitment and creativity will fuel process improvement.
  • Helps To Refine Interpersonal Skills
  • Create Opportunities For Participation
  • Provide Support Structure For Collaboration
Participative Mangement Survey (PMS)
Maslow's theories are brought to life with the help of this survey.

Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Adapting the work of Abraham Maslow, the PMS examines how often leaders/managers provide opportunities for others to experience personal involvement and influence at work.The resulting profile reveals the motivational significance of its components as described by Maslow's Need-Hierarchy. Then by comparing data with the EIS, the leader/manager discovers their impact and can explore avenues for change.

Employee Involvement Survey (EIS)
Rates managers on how their employees view employee involvement.
emp_involve2Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
The EIS provides feedback to the leader/manager about the quality of opportunities and their willingness or reluctance for employee involvement. It rates their manager's actual practices as well as how frequently they would desire such practices. Critically important in developing employee contributions. (Companion to the PMS)
Access Management Survey (AMS)
A socio-technical approach to providing opportunities for involvement.
emp_involve3 Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Are managers truly providing opportunities for involvement? Or, are they denying access to the crucial supports needed for involvement? The AMS gives managers information on how effectively they manage the socio-technical aspects of work. It profiles the degree to which they ensure employee access to five critical supports for involvement: (1) the problem itself, (2) the people involved, (3) needed information and resources, (4) emotional and procedural supports, and (5) the solution. Provides essential data for sustaining employee involvement over time.
Survey of Employee Access (SEA)
Provides managers with information that can be used to increase involvement.
emp_involve4Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
How well one balances the socio-technical aspect of work is a function of how their people view the opportunities for involvement. The SEA provides the manager with this vital information and acts as a springboard for discussion and change. (Companion to the AMS)
Access Management: Building Support
Video teaches everything about providing support.
emp_involve540-Minute Video [Call for Price]
How involved are your employees in creative decision making? How often does the manager provide opportunities for people to have access to the problem, information, people, emotional supports, and solutions required for creative decision making? Translating theory into action, this video develops Hall's widely acclaimed Star Model of Access Management. Managers see how to open communication channels and initiate collaborative systems throughout their organization. Includes instructions for scoring/interpreting the AMS & SEA.
The Effective Organization
Identifies specific practices needed to make involvement meaningful.
emp_involve6Group Exercise [Call for Price]
Participative management is the most powerful yet most misunderstood and misused concept in the field of management. This execise centers around managerial "gatekeeping" and identifies specific practices needed to make involvement meaningful and productive. Emphasizes individual management practices and their effect on productivity via employee involvement. Combine the AMS and SEA for outstanding results. (Comprehensive 12 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00)(Companion video: Force Field Analysis for Problem Solving and Planning)
Force Field Analysis for Problem Solving
Video teaches problem solving strategies to take control of the present and predict the future.
emp_involve710-Minute Video [Call for Price]
The classic problem-analysis technique of Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis is fully explained and clearly illustrated with various problem-solving strategies. The viewer learns a process for identifying, analyzing, and solving many of the chronic problems found in today's organizations. Dr. Lewin's technique is a simple yet powerful method for taking control of the present, predicting the future, and brings order to the problem-solving process.
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