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  • Power and authority are a part of ourworking lives no matter what type of organizations we are in. We all exercise power, even though organizational leaders are most often seen as having and controlling power. Nothing has a greater impact on managers themselves, their direct reports, and their organization, than how they manage and share their power. Research confirms that a manager's power style differentiates the truly productive manager from their less productive colleagues.
  • Discover The Dynamics Of Power Sharing.
  • Identify Why Individuals Want Power.
Power Management Inventory (PMI)
Managers discover their own power motivations & power style.

Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
The PMI enables leaders/managers to assess their own power motivations and power style. Part one examines personnel motivations for power, including the needs for impact, strength and influence that guide their behavior. Part two analyzes the power style of the individual, determining if one keeps the power, shares the power or avoids using power. The result is an understanding of exactly how to get the most out of people in the empowerment process.

Power Management Profile (PMP)
Reveals how the manager's use of power affects morale.
empowerment2Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
The PMP gives managers feedback about how their approach to power is viewed by those around them. It further produces a statement of the morale that exists in the workplace as a function of the manager's use of power. The PMP also provides a structure for discussions about how the manager's use of power is perceived.
Managing Power Productively
Fast-paced video teaches why managers want power and how to use it.
empowerment341-Minute Video [Call for Price]
This exciting, fast-paced video shows managers how to promote higher morale and productivity by empowering employees to make decisions, exercise their judgement and act accordingly. Managers learn about power motivation- the reason one wants power, as well as power style- how one uses power. Includes instructions for scoring/interpreting the PMI and PMP.
Co-Worker Relationships
Participants practice how power dynamics impact managerial behavior.
empowerment4Group Exercise [Call for Price]
Influence and the dynamics of power is a core issue in determining both managerial and organizational competence. This group exercise provides an in-depth look at one's personal view of power dynamics and how it impacts one's managerial practices. Used with the PMI and the PMP, it creates an insightful and comprehensive four-hour training session. (Comprehensive 19 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00) (Companion video: Managing Power Productively)
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