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HR Consulting

Consulting Services
HR ConsultingOur Spectrum of Consulting Services in the areas of Organizational Development (OD) and Human Resource Development (HRD) range from Individual Effectiveness to Organizational Effectiveness.

Our Consultants have hands on experience in the following areas:

  • Management of the Change Process.
  • Renewing Organizations with respect to Strategy, Structure, Systems, Skills, Staff, Styles, and Shared Values.
  • Climate Surveys and Attitude Surveys - Diagnosis and Prognosis.
  • Quality Potential Appraisals (How organizations support Collaboration, Commitment and Creativity)
  • Aligning HRD to Corporate Strategy.
  • Designing HRD Policies, Strategies, Systems and Processes.
  • Managerial Role and Responsibility profiling.
  • Competency Modelling and Behavioural Event Interviewing.
  • Enabling organizations to develop a culture for performance effectiveness by instituting goal-setting and monitoring mechanisms & developing skills and processes for the same.
Some of our assignments on Change Management are briefly as under :
  1. LG Electronics and Telecommunications - This was an exercise to integrate employees from various companies including Koreans into a well-knit team. A culture of collaboration and commitment was created with a view to ensure that coordination and cooperation took place instead of dysfunctional conflicts. Creativity was encouraged by ensuring that fear of failure does not prevent people in showing their initiatives.

  2. Tata Chemicals - We were invited to work with the HR team to create a change management program in which our initiative was a large part. We had interventions for over 240 people at very senior and middle management levels. This involved harmonizing them into a team and improves their leadership skills. Emphasis was given on creating an environment where potential of people is unleashed and productive performance becomes the outcome.
    The success of Tata Chemicals is now history.

  3. ICICI Bank - We were involved over a period of several months for assisting the Bank in preparing a change management program for creating a company culture when the Bank was integrating with the Financial Institution. This involved taking a critical mass of senior and middle management executives through a series of Organizational Development (OD) workshops and giving them feedback on their individual behavioural profiles. We trained facilitators to cascade these exercises and the bank is conducting these interventions on an on-going basis. As HRD & Change Management specialist facilitated a new culture at ICICI which would introduce more effective managerial practices thereby promoting improved organization effectiveness. The interventions introduced to selected senior managers was rolled down to almost 700 managers and has now become an important part of preparing middle managers to take on senior management positions

  4. BHARTI CELLULAR LTD. (Northern Region) - In order to meet the challenge of new cellular operators in Northern Region Bharti Cellular decided to create a USP from excelling in customer service. This required organizational changes in customer service and improving the capabilities of existing managers in addition to improving selection procedures. We helped Bharati to develop roles and accountabilities for senior & middle management and to integrate managerial competencies in selection and appraisal systems. Our consultants also facilitated the top team of Bharti to identify specific bottlenecks in the organizational changes proposed.

  5. FORTIS GROUP OF COMPANIES - With a view to integrate Medical Specialists and Support Services Executives in a Hospital so that they can work on a cooperative basis and get committed to the on going changes,our Consultants, as the chief trainers / facilitators, led the 3 days interactive workshop on Leadership and Models for Management, covering areas such as belief and values, access management, interpersonal relations, motivation, power management and managerial styles. Workshop was attended by 22 managers of the company in the first batch. Workshop being the first step towards establishing ideal culture and practices for a health care organization

  6. ONIDA - : The company was facing sales-pressure from other major competitors and wanted to develop and motivate their sales force. Our Consultants designed an intervention to rejuvenate their sales force. Around 80 sales-staff, including all the Branch Managers and their immediate reportees, were assisted in improving their performance through increased productivity and creativity. In addition, team leaders were trained to create the environment for effective team working and for enabling team creativity. The intervention introduced by the Consultants is continuing to be implemented through their in-house trainers who were trained by ACIPL.

  7. vMOKSHA TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD -. Our Consultant, as the Facilitator, helped the CEO to build his top level executives into an effective team. Through an OD intervention the Consultant created an environment for building better collaboration, commitment and creativity among the group. Through the use of 360 degree feedback the Consultant enabled members to re-examine their styles and practices relating to beliefs about people, access management, interpersonal relations, motivation, use of Power and Leadership. .

  8. OIL INDIA - We initiated a cultural change process at senior management level through creating awareness of the extent to which leaders were managing conditions for promoting productivity, creativity & quality. Assisted managers, through accurate feedback, for preparing action plans to improve the work environment.

Training & Development

Our services for Training and Development complement the areas of our Consulting work. We use world-class designs, materials and tools for facilitating the objectives of the workshops and seminars. Emphasis is always on self-discovery, through use of 180 & 360 degree Assessment Instruments, and Continuous Improvement.