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  • Communication plays a vital role in the success of any organization. Every Leader/Manager must create an environment that engenders trust and mutual sharing of information. For over 30 years, Teleometrics has researched the effectiveness of different styles of communication. Our research links interpersonal competence with managerial achievement and managementl style. Using our feedback instruments, one can easily measure and graphically potray the behaviors inherent in the very popular and effective Johari Window model of interpersonal processes, by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham.
  • Helps Managers Learn To Improve Their Communication Skills
  • Create An Environment For Shared Ideas
Personnel Relations Survey (PRS)
Accurately assesses how managers communicate with others.
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Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Continues to be our most popular feedback instrument. The PRS is an easy-to-complete survey that helps managers assess how well they communicate with employees, colleagues and suppervisors. Based on the popular Luft & Ingham Johari Window, this feedback instrument evaluates current strengths and weaknesses of one's interpersonal style. Normative data enables the manager to compare their scores against 12,000 other managers.

Management Relations Survey (MRS)
"Real world" feedback of communication styles from co-workers.
interper 2Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
How we communicate with others and how they perceive us is of vital importance to effective management. The MRS enables the receiver to "hear" those precise observations from others which often lead to vastly improved communication and consequently, better working relationships.(Companion to the PRS)
The Dynamics of The Johari Window
An easy to understand structure that determines how we communicate with those around us.
interper3 35-Minute Video [Call for Price]
Demonstrates with vignettes the four basic styles described by the Johari Window model of interpersonal processes. The model gives structure and helps us to understand the way we communicate with those around us, and the impact of our communication style on others. Includes instructions for scoring/interpreting the PRS & MRS. Double its use with teams using the TES.
Team Effectiveness Survey (TES)
Team members rate themselves and those around them- a starting point for group effectiveness.
interper4Group-Assessment [Call for Price]
The TES focuses on individual and team use of the Exposure and Feedback processes of the Johari Window. It provides a comprehensive overview of how effectively a team functions. Members rate themselves and other team members. The resulting profiles serve as a valuable starting point for group discussion and feedback. (Theory Video:The Dynamics of the Johari Window)
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