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  • What makes a good manager? Should leaders place tasks before people or vice versa? Competent managers and leaders make themselves aware of their strengths and needs, and how their own personal values impact their style of management. Teleometrics' extensive research on managerial style reveals a variety of proven ways to help managers/ leaders develop the crucial leadership skills that maximize professional competence and performance
  • Helps Managers/ Leaders Evaluate Their Current Style Of Management
  • Discover Impacts Of Common Styles
  • Develop A Research Proven "Best" Style
Management Styles Inventory (MSI)
Managers evaluate behavior styles and compare results with over 12,000 managers.

Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Powerful analysis of management behavior according to the profiles of Hall's Style Parallax model of People/ Performance issues: Developer, Manipulator, Taskmaster, Comforter and Regulator. Enables the manager to evaluate their style against a backdrop of research and a comparison with over 12,000 other managers. Provides profiles in four components of managerial style: Philosophy, Planning and Goal Setting, Implementation and Evaluation. (Companion Video: Productive Management)

Styles Of Management Inventory (SMI)
Shows managers how to relate their behavior to on-the-job situations.
mgmt_leader2Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Based on the Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid, the SMI yields a total score for each of the five styles 9/9, 5/5, 9/1, 1/9, 1/1. Normative data and conversion table afford personal comparison with both the average manager and the theoretical goal. The SMI provides managers with a way to relate their behavior to their on-the-job practices and to discover areas that need to be changed.
Management Styles Appraisal (MSA)
Creates an awareness of a manager's style and the effect it has on others.
mgmt_leader3Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
Reveals the manager's style and effectiveness as perceived by recipients of their managerial behavior. This valuable information creates an awareness of the impact the manager is having on others and points the way for discussion and change. (Companion to the MSI)
Management Appraisal Survey (MAS)
Scientifically based survey generates views on how managers are perceived.
mgmt_leader4Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
Also based on the Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid, the MAS generates valuable feedback about the way the manager's practices are viewed by those they manage. Managers compare this data with their scores from the SMI for an eye-opening look at their own effectiveness. (Companion to the SMI)}
Productive Management: A Matter Of Style
Real-life vignettes dramatize benefits and pitfalls of management styles.
mgmt_leader536-Minute Video [Call for Price]
In-depth explanation of HAll's Style Parallax Model of People/ Performance Issues. Creates for the manager an understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of each management style. With real-life vignettes this video dramatizes the impact of each of the five styles: Developer, Manipulator, Taskmaster, Comforter and Regulator allowing the viewer to proceed toward more effective managing. Includes instructions for scoring/ interpreting the MSI and MSA.
Quality Crunch At Rockport
Rated "Outstanding" by ASQC attendees.
mgmt_leader6Group Exercise [Call for Price]
Through case study and group exercise, participants have an opportunity to apply the Competence Process model and gain insights into quality initiatives and process improvement using Collaboration, Commitment and Creativity. Rated "outstanding" by ASQC attendees. Coupled with the PPS and the SMP, this four-hour design provides an invaluable perspective of the Conditions for Competence in the workplace. (Comprehensive 17 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00) (Companion video: The Competence Process)
Competence Clarification
Identifies where and when change is needed.
mgmt_leader7Group Exercise [Call for Price]
Provides leaders and their co-workers with a systematic method for analyzing current organizational and personal practices which promote or inhibit quality performance. Further, it enables participants(1) to identify conditions where change is needed and (2) to begin developing action-plans to correct current practices. (Comprehensive 15 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00) (Companion video: The Competence Process and Force Field Analysis for Problem Solving and Planning)
Styles Of Leadership Survey (SLS)
A must for leaders to pin-point their leadership style.
mgmt_leader8Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
The SLS employs a grid format in which concern for people and concern for purpose are the dimensions. Unsurpassed in its assessment validity, the SLS pinpoints the precise leadership style used and suggests its impact on others. Essential for all leaders, from supervisory level through team leaders responsible for directing others. Normative conversion tables included.
Organizational Targeting
STOP-START exercises determine the steps for organizational improvement.
mgmt_leader9Group Exercise [Call for Price]
Participants assess the degree to which they personally employ practices which create and support the conditions for competence. Then the group performs a STOP-START exercise and determines the steps needed to improve the organization's climate.(Comprehensive 17 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00) (Companion video: The Competence Process)
Force Field Analysis for Problem Solving
Viewers learn how to identify, analyze and solve problems.
mgmt_leader1010-Minute Video [Call for Price]
The classic problem-analysis technique of Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis is fully explained and clearly illustrated with various problem-solving strategies. The viewer learns a process for identifying, analyzing, and solving many of the chronic problems found in today's organizations. Dr. Lewin's technique is a simple yet powerful method for taking control of the present, predicting the future, and brings order to the problem solving process.
Leadership Appraisal Survey (LAS)
Relevant feedback on a leader's strengths and weaknesses.
mgmt_leader11Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
The LAS provides the leader with their associates' assessment of their leadership behavior. It clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses and confirms the leaders' impact on the group. Widely regarded as the finest feedback tool for leaders who take their role seriously. (Companion to the SLS)
Productive Practices Survey (PPS)
Measures the effectiveness of a manager's style.
mgmt_leader12Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
The PPS measures the degree to which the manager employs practices that research has shown lead to a higher quality, increased productivity and a healthier work environment. It pinpoints how the manager is influencing those conditions necessary for overall organizational productivity, and how their practices impact morale and health within the organization. Includes comprehensive instructions for conducting feedback sessions to discuss the manager's managerial practices. This instrument serves as a road map for professional and personal development.
Survey Of Management Practices (SMP)
Compares a manager's assessment of him/herself with how others see him/her.
mgmt_leader13Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
The SMP provides the manager with valuable feedback about the manager's practices in supporting a productive environment. It generates scores that the manager may directly compare with their self-assessment (PPS) and suggests practices that others would like the manager to use. (Companion to the PPS)
PPS/SMP Trainer's Guide
Tools to support in-house trainerswhen using the Productive/Management Practices Surveys.
mgmt_leader14Trainer's Guide [Call for Price]
Designed to assist trainers in conducting sessions using the Productive Practices Survey and the Survey of Management Practices. It covers administration, presentation, scoring and interpretation. The Trainer's Guide contains nine pages that may be used as masters for overhead transparencies.
The Competence Process
Comprehensive portrayal of Hall's brilliant and accalaimed theory.
mgmt_leader1558-Minute Video [Call for Price]
An exciting and dramatic presentation of Hall's model of organizational competence 0and productive management. The key elements of the Competence model (Collaboration, Commitment, Creativity) and supports for each are illustrated. Also presents the findings of the extensive research validating this classic model. Enables viewers to understand and immediately apply Hall's model on the job. Includes instructions for scoring/interpreting the PPS and SMP.
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