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Motivatin Order information
  • Researchers agree: the personal motivations of employees are directly related to nearly every facet of the workplace. Therefore it is widely, but mistakenly, assumed that managers bear the responsibility of motivating employees toward organizational goals. Instead, Teleometrics' validated research demonstrates that, since motivation is an internal process, managers must provide the proper work environment to prompt employees self-motivation. These unique instruments pinpoint beliefs, behaviors, and conditions that interfere with motivation from those that really work.
  • Helps To Learn Impact Of Personal Beliefs On Motivation
  • Discover What Motivates Employees
  • Encourage Self-Motivation
Management of Motives (MMI)
How one's beliefs relate to what motivates them - based on data from over 34,000 cases.

Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
An enlightening look at the classic models of Maslow and Herzberg in relation to motivation. Through an honest examination of their beliefs and behaviors, managers discover how much emphasis they place on each level of the Need-Hierarchy- and how approaches to motivation result from personal beliefs on why people work. Provides a comparison of one's beliefs with data from over 34,000 individuals.

Work Motivation Inventory (WMI)
Reveals exactly how an employee is motivated.
motivation2Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Uncovers a custom "personal motivational profile" of the motivation needs of the individual as seen by that individual. A comparison of the WMI with the MMI reveals what conditions the employee feels are important vs. the motivational support provided by the manager. Aligns motivational needs with daily activities. (Companion to the MMI)
Work Motivation
Reveals the connection between human needs, work motivation and job satisfaction.
motivation3 42-Minute Video [Call for Price]
Stirring graphics and real life vignettes dramatize the connection between human needs, work motivation and job satisfaction. This novel combination of Maslow's Need-Hierarchy and Herzberg's Hygiene- Motivator theories helps managers understand the motivational process and their role. The finest in the industry. Includes instructions for scoring/interpreting the MMI & WMI.
Conflict at Trojan
Exercise-using People at Work - illustartes the motivational process.
motivation4Group Exercise (Video Required) [Call for Price]
This lively exercise (using the video, People at Work) provides experience in diagnosing motivational symptoms in an organizational setting and produces a comprehensive overview of the motivational process. Combined with the MMI and the WMI it creates a 4.5 hour stimulating training module. (Comprehensive 12 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00)
People at Work
Shows in a real life manufacturing facility how disruption impede progress.
motivation518-Minute Video [Call for Price]
A dramatic portrayal of everyday life on the job. This video depicts disruptions in the work group when people's needs are not being met. Realistic and relevant, People at Work acts as the stimulus for the widely acclaimed group exercise Conflict at Trojan.
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