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Organizational Culture Order information
  • The culture of an organization is a system of norms, policies, practices, incentives, and expectations within which individual and collective competence may flourish. The conditions of work, and the mindsets and assumptions of those responsible for these conditions, is of vital importance if excellence is to be achieved. Douglas McGregor, in clarifying the distinction between Theory X and Theory Y, proposed that all management practices stem from one's personal beliefs about the nature of people and work. Teleometrics' research clearly shows that McGregor's Theory Y philosophy leads to the creation of a culture in which people can do their best work.
  • Helps Managers Realize Their Personal Beliefs About People
  • Understand Their Impact In The WorkForce
  • Explore The Benefits Of Change
Managerial Philosophy Scale (MPS)
High-achievers from 16,000 cases.

Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
The MPS, carefully researched and validated in a study of 16,000 people, has proven to differentiate among high, average, and low-achieving managers. The MPS assesses an individual's relative adherence to both Theory X and Theory Y premises, thereby translating McGregor's classic concept into a personally relevant application. This profile, when compared with RCS data, provides invaluable insights into how to manage people most effectively.

Reality Check Survey (RCS)
Allows workers to give a candid view of what it takes to make them happy.
org_culture 2Assessment By Others [Call for Price]
Part I of the RCS allows co-workers to describe the working conditions needed to do their best work. Part II reveals what co-workers perceive the manager to believe about them and the workplace. This valuable information enables managers to test their assumptions or beliefs about the nature of people and work. (Companion to the MPS)
The Harwood Dilemma
The definitive exercise combining Theory X-Theory Y with the "Self-fulfilling Prophecy".
org_culture 3 Group Exercise [Call for Price]
Being an effective manager requires a self-awareness of one's own values and beliefs. The Harwood Dilemma addresses the issue of managerial beliefs and assumptions by combining the classic Theory X-Theory Y with the Self-fulfilling Prophecy. Include the Reality Check Survey and provide a highly beneficial four-hour session. (Comprehensive 19 pg. Leader's Guide: Rs. 1175.00)(Companion Video: Management Values and the Self-fulfilling Prophecy)
Management Values
Clearly illustrates how a manager's practices relate to their personal beliefs.
org_culture 445-Minute Video [Call for Price]
A manager's practices are an outgrowth of their personal beliefs and assumptions about the basic nature of people at work. These beliefs set in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy that reinforces one's behaviors. The outstanding video for the first time, combines McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y model of the nature of people and work with Rosenthal's work on the self-fulfilling prophecy. The model is portrayed using dramatization and vignettes to provide a clear understanding for the viewer. Includes instructions for scoring/interpreting the MPS and RCS.
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