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Culture Assessment

Quality Potential Analysis
A comprehensive survey that assesses and evaluates an organization's practices, policies, and procedures to determine its fitness for excellence. Accurate and validated, the QPA has been used by over one hundred thousand people worldwide.

An organization's continuing success depends, in large part, on whether or not its people have a work environment where they can achieve their real potential. Over 30 years of research reveals that organization failure stems more from the work climate or atmosphere rather than from workers themselves. In short, many work environments actually prevent people from doing their best work, thereby interfering with organizational performance.

Now, your organization can be analyzed to determine the existence or absence of work conditions that release worker potential and allow for competent performance.

The QPA reveals the state of the organization's culture, then prescribes specific changes needed to unleash more of its employee's potential. Respondents describe current conditions and how they would prefer them to be.

Price includes all surveys, answer sheets, organizational analysis report, and two "sub-group" analysis reports.

Call for free sample report, questionnaire and information pack.

The QPA Addresses Organizational Life
"Since I am quite new to the organization thank god I attended this programme. It exposed me to lot of professionals. I gained total knowledge of HRD without any jargon and complexity. The workshop was user friendly, open and worth attending."

- M Asif Iqbal, Tata Chemicals Ltd.

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