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  • The manner in which salespeople handle their interpersonal relationships greatly influences their sales success. The salesperson often controls the form and quality of these relationships, therefore, the better we understand our own role in the sales process and the dynamics of relationships, the more effective we'll be. Couple this understanding with specific customer feedback and you gain an enormous advantage in developing successful interactions. Teleometrics' researched, tested and proven sales tools provide the edge all sales professionals seek in establishing and maintaining long-term customer loyalty.
  • Helps Sales Manager & Sales People Improve Their Communication Effectiveness
  • Discover What Motivates Sales People & Customers
  • Understand The Effects Of Their Sales Practice
Sales Relations Survey (SRS)
Sales Relations Survey (SRS)
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Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Communication skills make or break the salesperson. The SRS is an easy-to-complete survey that assesses the interpersonal practices and customer orientation of salespeople. Based on the popular Luft & Ingham Johari Window, this feedback instrument evaluates current strengths and weaknesses of one's interpersonal style. Becoming aware of their style and its impact enables salespeople to improve their customer relationships.(Video: The Dynamics of the Johari Window)

Customer Reaction Survey (CRS)
Enables customers to rate and assist your salespeople.
sales_trg  2Assessment By Client [Call for Price]
The CRS provides "real world" feedback of one's communication style from those receiving our sales behavior. The customer rates the salesperson's use of Exposure and feedback and the behavior they prefer, providing the salesperson with valuable insights for future interactions.(Companion to the SRS)
The Dynamics of The Johari Window
This video will improve your sales staff's interpersonal communication skills.
sales_trg  335-Minute Video [Call for Price]
Demonstrates with vignettes the four basic styles described by the Johari Window model of interpersonal processes. The model gives structure and helps us to understand the way we communicate with those around us, and the impact of our communication style on others. Excellent video for use with the SRS and CRS.
Work Motivation
Dramatizes the connection between personal needs, motivation and job satisfaction.
sales_trg  442-Minute Video [Call for Price]
Stirring graphics and real life vignettes dramatize the connection between human needs, work motivation and job satisfaction. This novel combination of Maslow's Need- Hierarchy and Hezberg's Hygiene-Motivator theories helps sales managers and salespeople understand the motivational process and how to take advantage of it increasing sales and personal commitment to the job and customer.(Theory Video for the IMI and SMS)
Incentives Management Index (IMI)
Discover what your sales manager believes motivates their people.
sales_trg  5Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
The IMI assesses the sales manager's personal beliefs about what motivates the sales force. Based on the classic models of Maslow and Herzberg, the sales manager discovers how much emphasis they place on each level of the Need-Hierarchy, and its potential impact on their sales force. A powerful learning experience when used with the Work Motivation video.
Sales Motivation Survey (SMS)
Takes the guess work out of what really motivates your salespeople.
sales_trg  6Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Uncovers a custom "personal motivational profile" of the motivation needs of the individual salesperson as seen by the salesperson. A comparison of the SMS with the IMI reveals what conditions the salesperson feels are important and usually results in a reordering of priorities causing improved sales. Essential for the serious sales manager. (Companion to the IMI)
Sales Transaction Audit (STA)
Insights into what determines the success or failure of a sales transaction.
sales_trg  7Self-Assessment [Call for Price]
Based on the famous work of Eric Berne, the STA profiles the attitudes the salesperson has toward the customer. It further provides the salesperson with specific information about the effects of their sales practices that generally determine the success or failure of the sales transaction.
Personal Transactions & Productive Relationships
Clearly illustrates what is needed to achieve creative and productive relationships.
sales_trg  838-Minute Video [Call for Price]
Using numerous vignettes this video graphically demonstrates the Eric Berne model of Transactional Analysis. It portrays various transactional styles and relates each to their emotional impact on other people and the consequent quality of relationships. It carefully illustrates the behaviors needed to achieve truly creative and productive relationships. A must for all sales professionals. (Theory video for the STA)
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