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Seminar & Training Workshops

Learn the Best in Today's Management Practices.
For Leaders, Managers & Trainers

  • Gain potent tools for culture change.
  • Make your quality initiatives really work.
  • Energize the entire management team.
  • Results field proven for over 26 years.
  • Research-validated methods.
  • 3.5 Day Seminar.

Seminar & Training WorkshopsFor an efficient organization you must initiate productive change in both corporate culture and in behaviour of your managers.

  • The famed Models for Management Seminar takes each manager on a powerful voyage of personal self-discovery. It reveals what employees really think and feel and helps participants discover that by changing specific behaviors and practices, they can call forth their own as well as every employee's full potential.

  • Change in corporate culture is initiated by adjusting the attitudes and practices of management towards a more open and collaborative style of working throughout the organization.

Participant profile:

  • Technical/Professional personnel taking on management resposibility.

  • Senior/middle and first-line managers in organizations committed to a change in culture.

  • Team leaders who would benefit from improved interpersonal skills and greater sensitivity to people.

  • Strong autocratic individuals who need to become better team players.

  • New and potential managers.


  • Through self-assessment and feedback from staff/colleagues/superiors the workshop focuses on the individuals current way of handling people and situations and on finding 'opportunity factors' - ways in which a different approach has been shown to produce positive results.

  • Behaviour is benchmarked against research-validated management models which are based on studies of high, low and moderate achievers.

  • The manager's new awareness of his strengths and weaknesses, confirmed through a number of group exercises, produces a commitment to behavioural change and a blueprint for action.

Don't miss this unprecedented opportunity to make lasting change to transform your team, your culture, your organization.

After "Models", Teleometrics offers "Closing the Loop", the perfect involvement process for non-management employees "back home". Details...

  • Course members leave with a comprehensive set of personal profiles, detailed notes on the models and concepts covered.
  • They also have a detailed plan of action and information to share with those colleagues who assessed them.
“Coming from a technical background, I have attended several workshops but I feel this workshop was beautifully structured, was very easy to understand and interpret. Also it was adeptly handled.”

- H P Pota, Tata Chemicals Ltd.