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Seminar & Training Workshops
Closing the Loop, a companion to Models for Management, is a 6-hour seminar for non-management employees that continues the education process back in the workplace. Conducted in a natural work groups along with their manager, participants learn to relate their own philosophies, practices, motives and style with others. The result: stronger commitment to each other and their tasks. this dynamic, data based session is ideal for developing employee involvement, creative problem solving and consensus decision making and was considered by Ford Motor Company to be crucial to its successes in process involvement.

To sustain commitment, materials also include a six-month action process for achieving:

  1. Improved Communication.
  2. Productive job conditions and
  3. Managerial and Team Effectiveness.

Seminar 1

Trainers: Share "Models" with Your Entire Work Force through CTL!
You Can Conduct the Models Seminar In-House

Trainers and consultants can readily learn how to facilitate this seminar. Teleometrics offers comprehensive Leader's Guides for each of the nine modules and our videos combine to make the sessions dynamic, enjoyable and worthwhile.

The Model seminar can be conducted in-house for only Rs. 18,000 per participant. Quantity discounts apply.


Seminar 2

Trainers: You Can Facilitate The Models Seminar at Your Site!

Grasp the power of MODELS FOR MANAGEMENT at your own site, at your own pace, on your own time!

Teleometrics' Productive Manager Series: the efficient,cost-effective way to give your people and organization the ebenefits of our renowned Models for Management Seminar without leaving your site.

You get comprehensive, first-class materials including videos, study guides, workbook-mediated processes and the same data gathering and learning instruments used throughout our live Models Seminar.

Everything has been tested and field proven to produce the same dramatic, lasting results, Seminar participants have been talking about for the past 26 years. Managers get the tools, information, insights, knowledge and resources to energize the organization's culture and promote the changes everyone has been striving for.

  • Covers entire "Models" Program.
  • Convenient self-guided study.
  • Saves time and expense.
  • Proven popular & effective.
  • Easily accredited.
Series include comprehensive participant's guides, learning and feedback instruments, exercises, videos, textbooks, certificate of completion with study storage cases. seminar 3
Examples of some other Training Modules »
“Excellent programme and extremely well structured, basic inputs very powerfully handled, practically implementable. This has been an eye opener workshop for me. My perceptions of managerial practices have been re-examined. This will help me both as an individual as also my organization.”
- G Krishna Kumar, ITC Ltd.