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Other Training Modules


Other Training Modules We conduct a one-day workshop on the "Competence Process" for top management and senior executives. Typically, this workshop provides those who create workplaces a systematic way of analysing the organizational forces that enhance or inhibit productivity and health in the workplace. This workshop enables participants to assess the degree to which they personally employ practices, which create and support the conditions for competent performance and thereby makes full use of human potential within their part of the organization.


  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Build Stronger Relationships
  • Create An Environment For Shared Ideas

This one-day workshop is a must for every Leader/Manager who wants to possess skills that enable him or her to create an environment of trust and mutual sharing of information. Research on effectiveness of various styles of communication links interpersonal competence with managerial achievement and management style. Using validated feedback instruments, one can easily measure and graphically portray the behaviours inherent in the very popular and effective Johari Window model of interpersonal processes, by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham.


  • Refine Interpersonal Skills
  • Create Opportunities For Participation
  • Provide Support Structure For Collaboration

Research and experience shows that managers and organizations must both encourage and allow their employees to contribute meaningfully in work-related activities in order to increase commitment. But, how is this "involvement" accomplished? We use validated feedback instruments to measure the degree to which managers provide their employees access to resources, the extent to which they provide "involving" opportunities and techniques to analyse the present managerial and organizational practices which support employee involvement. Participants take back personal action plans to improve employee involvement.

“We learned that we had a great deaf of unused potential, of people actually capable and wanting to do a better job. That was a problem we had never considered before. We discovered that most of us were managing people when we should have been managing the environment”

- Ray Jensen, Ford Motor Co.